My story began back in 2015. I was working for a minimum wage job, unsatisfied, and pregnant, i knew there was more out there for me. Putting my faith in God, I quit my job to pursue doing hair. My name grew rapidly within months with the skill set I had doing feed in braids. After attending cosmetology school I was immediately offered to work in a salon. After 10 months I graduated and moved into my own shop!! With business flourishing, I took my talent to the next level when I took a continuing education class on laces wigs. I can definitely say I’m super ambitious and is thrilled about what the future holds. Believing in each one should teach one, I’m taking Keziah Styles on a whole new level with AdorUMor Academy! Im ready to share my knowledge and wisdom by having classes, seminars, videos and mentorship. AdourUMor isn't only about hair, its represent The Root of All Beauty. Join in on a journey in becoming the next best U with your confidence, your wisdom, your business and your Beauty!! 

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