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The braiding class you've been asking for.

The year been started and you haven't done anything yet. Don't worry, it's here. Finally! Last year my clients couldn't have asked me enough. "When are you going to teach other braiding class?" Potential students & employees, "When is your next class, I wanted to learn how to braid?" Me, "ummm soon girl soon."

Well soon is now here! April 16th 2023 I will be teaching a braiding class for all levels. If you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced this class is for you! I'll be meeting you where you're at. Starting from scratch and tackling your fear when it comes to braiding. You'll be learning parting techniques, hair portions, best products and tools to use, how to braid or how to feeding braids or how to stitch braid. Because I've been teaching for over 6 years now I have the skills and patience to make sure you have the best understanding what you're doing and how to keep your skills growing. Students have the opportunity to continue their learning by purchasing our Ebooks that are filled with knowledge on marketing, what to do and what not to do, and ways to better yourself in the hair industry. Ebook-

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