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Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Many women purchase wigs, use 3 times and toss it out. Because they don't know how to revive it and maintain it they decide that it's better to purchase a new wig. I'm here to tell you that you can use a wig unit up to 7-10 times with the proper care and maintenance you can get your money's worth. Let's say you're just not good at these things, at AdoreYou More we're filled with cosmetologists that can clean the unit, wash it with the best shampoos and have your unit looks brand new.

Revive A Wig Unit

It's amazing how far creativity can take a hairstylist. I'm Keziah, the owner of Adore You More. I specialize it's wigs, braids and more. Over the years, seeing how many units a client can purchase within a year has really stepped my game up. I've learn how to replace a lace on a unit. What do you mean replace a lace....?

Things happen, you scratch so bad that you put a hole in the wig or when you were cleaning the glue off you ripped off the baby hair or even when combing it you pulled a little too hard and now there's a patch. "Ugh", you say to yourself, "time for a new wig."

Well that's when I come in. Instead of purchasing a whole new wig you can purchase a new lace and I'll remove the old lace and sew on the new lace. Then I'll customize it and have it ready for you. That's half the price of a new wig unit and it still feels like a new unit!

To top it off, at Adore You More there's a membership for lace services that will also having you saving big bucks throughout the year. Sign up today!

Next we can talk about steps on how to clean the unit and what products to use.

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