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Braids Braids Braids

Whats Braid style you should do next??

At Adore You More Beauty we offer different braiding styles. Here a few to start with;

•Braids with a Sewin in the back- mainly done with curly hair.

•Knotless Braids- this style is plaits which is individual braids with out the knot on the top.

•Box Braids- This style is also individual braids but have the knot to ensure the hair.

•Tribal Braids- braids in the front and knotless braids in the back- this style can have small braids or big braids in the front with design, simple straight backs, or from an angle. The back is done in Knotless Braids or Box Braids which ever you prefer.

•Stitch Braids- this style is feedin braids but has a stitching technique that is used to give the style a more precise look. You can have this going straight back with or without design, going in a ponytail with or without design, or going to one side which is called lemonade braids.

There's all different ways to get creative. If you're unsure what style you want you can always go on Pinterest and look up braids styles. Once you find the one you like and are still unsure what the style is called feel free send a screenshot of the style and I'll tell you what to book for. 561-650-4014 . We also have a gallery of different style here on our website.

Appointments are available. Book on

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