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Indecisive about what hair style to get next? Ride the wave with the most trending hair styles. Braids with Sewin, Banto Knot with Sewin, or Extended Ponytail with Braids- all done with curly hair. Yes, nice tight curls are in.

Message after message, call after call and its all about the lady in the green with cu

ly textured hair and braids. Need Bundles to go with your style? Pre order today for your next appointment. Contact Keziah 561-650-4014

Appointments can be booked on

This is giving African vibes. I sown in 3 bundles because she was going for a more fuller look which gave that style justice!!!

To save money on this one 2 14" curly bundles are fine for this extended ponytail. Yes believe it, I can make twelve inches look like 26". Book now before slots are filled.

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